Our Rector

Ife Ojetayo is the rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity. He is passionate about preaching and teaching the Word of God. 
He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary and was ordained into the priesthood in 2021. 
Ife welcomes everyone who wishes to learn about and follow Christ. He is committed to building a strong and lively community of faith where Christ is glorified and his gospel is proclaimed. Ife is married to his beloved Lisa and they have four wonderful boys. 
You can contact him through email at iojetayo.chtsyracuse@gmail.com or by phone at (516) 297-5724.

Bishop David Bena

Bishop David Bena

Holy Trinity Church has the honor of having Bishop David Bena as a member of our congregation!

Bishop Dave Bena lives in Syracuse so he and his wife Mary Ellen can be close to family. Although he is retired, he can still be seen behind the altar at various times throughout the year, singing with the worship team, and out visiting parishioners in their homes. 

We are truly blessed and thankful for both his wisdom and ministry in our church, including several times as interim rector. 

Bishop Julian Dobbs

Bishop Julian Dobbs is the Bishop of The Anglican Diocese of the Living Word and has oversight of the clergy and congregations in the diocese. He is passionate about the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is committed to empowering congregations, supporting clergy, inspiring local and global mission, and planting churches.