An Anglican Church is governed by an elected vestry, consisting of two wardens plus other vestry members. Vestry members are all lay persons.  Each year in January or February we have an annual meeting at which one warden and one vestry member is elected from among the laity of the parish. They serve to maintain the finances of the parish on a sound footing, and to keep up the parish property. Finances at Holy Trinity are open to any member of the church. Transparency and accountability are important values which our vestry seeks to practice so that the members of the parish know that what they give to the LORD's work at Holy Trinity is used wisely to God's honor and glory. Our annual meeting is a time when detailed reports are made to the parish concerning church finances, and the laity is shown how their giving to the church is being spent.

Vestry also serve a spiritual role which we share with our clergy. We seek to discern the LORD's will for our parish, and to see that we follow it.