The laity of Holy Trinity are at its core. We appreciate our ordained clergy and our vestry to guide our parish, but the laity is really the center of our church. The church was started and founded when lay persons started in the summer of 2007 to worship God on a weeknight using song, the Book of Common Prayer, and bibles for Evening Prayer. Laity lead our small group bible studies during the week, our music team at our time of Sunday worship, our prayer ministry, and most of the other functions in the church. Laity, not paid professionals, are the team who are doing the work of renovating our new church building and converting it into the worship space which you see on a Sunday morning.  

Church is not about showing up once a week for the pastor to lead a worship service which will hold us over to the next Sunday. It is about each person in the congregation coming to repent, trusting in Jesus to forgive us our sin, leading us in a personal relationship with God through Jesus, and speaking to others about the need to come to faith in Christ. That is the primary mission of the laity. Our Sunday worship is all about the people of the congregation spending time in prayer and praise of our God through Jesus Christ. It is the time when the lay people of the congregation worship God and share our faith with one another.